But can we fucking talk about how fabulous Frida Khalo was for a second here?

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One of these #NewStateMottos will be on tonight’s new @midnight. Don’t miss it!

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Today in Solidarity: Protesters gather in Oakland against the Urban Shield conference and police militarization

Ever wonder where cities get all their fancy ideas on how to militarize their police force? It’s not just from the Pentagon— it’s conferences like Urban Shield, that highlight the latest in tactical equipment and practices for suppressing the very people you’re sworn to serve. #staywoke #whodoyouprotect #whodoyouserve 

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Violent soho !

never loved a picture so much in my life
yes thats a real 1965 fender jaguar
no fucks given


St. Vincent making the earth quake.


Do not adjust your browser, major websites are “slowing down” to save Net Neutrality

Sept. 10 has been designated as a day of “Internet Slowdown” in the Battle for Net Neutrality. All day, prominent websites and organizations — from the ACLU,, Vimeo, Meetup and Kickstarter — have added messages to their websites asking visitors to contact their lawmakers and the Federal Communications Commission in support of net neutrality.

This is what your browser could look like | Follow micdotcom 

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Permanent marker installations by Heike Weber.

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This picture looks like it depicts a shipwreck but if you place a mirror in a certain spot it becomes a portrait of Jules Verne.